Keeping Off Pests From Your Garden

What would you do if your garden/ restaurant store was attacked by pests such as voles, woodchucks, squirrels, gophers, rabbits, moles, and other little animals that only bring damage to our gardens? First reaction could be to grab a gun like and pull the trigger to their direction, blast them to pieces. Wait, there are some viable alternatives: Follow me…

Identifying the creature that is bothering you– try to learn a little more about the habits of that animal. This knowledge is important for coming up with an effective solution if you are ever going to do this alone.

Make your garden less attractive to pests– You can achieve this by eliminate hiding or nesting areas, for example brush piles and tall grasses. Go ahead and seal off access to crawl spaces beneath your porch or deck. Cut off their food sources by covering your compost pile will discourage raccoons, cleaning up birdseed will give squirrels no reason to visit. Also using some milky spore and other beneficial nematodes on your lawn will reduce grub populations; which are a favourite food for moles and skunks.

Here are also some pest control methods you can use- choose the one(s) most appropriate to the pest and to your situation.

Eradication– I have already mentioned that shooting the perpetrator is probably not an option, by choice or by zoning restrictions it is not a wise move. There are some poison baits that are going to be effective against some pests, but they can also pose a danger to pets. Smoke bombs and scissor traps will certainly kill some types of pests, but are a gruesome solution.

A more humane approach can be to figure out how to peacefully coexist with wildlife and let these animals go about their lives as we go about ours.

Repellents– There are scent repellents, such as garlic clips and predator urine that can be an effective temporary solution but also need to be monitored and reapplied to remain effective. Products made from hot peppers can also be a problem to nibbling rabbits. Some types of plants can also work for example castor bean and fritillaria; these are said to discourage rodents. Mothballs can sometimes be used as a scent deterrent, but must be handled with caution as they are poisonous to pets and children.

Sometimes if you find all these confusing, it may be useful to contact qualified Pest Control services around to help you through this process of keeping off pests from your garden.… Read the rest

Starting & Running Different Businesses

I’m going to be starting series of posts about running businesses. It’ll be somewhat detailed, but I won’t get too into the process because I’d like people reading this to have just a general and broad idea about running a business. I’ll include great information, but keep in mind that this will only be a general post. I advise other people to do more in-depth research about their particular business.

For this post, I’ll be speaking about home-improvement businesses such as contracting, plumbing, pest control, and similar topics. I know that’s a wide range, but bear with me.

First, you’d have to develop ideas for what services you will offer, so let’s brainstorm for a bit. If you were a plumbing business, you’d obviously do drain cleaning, septic tank cleaning, and water heater repairs. You could probably think of more, but start to look at your competitors and see why they’re popular in the area. They’re obviously giving services at good prices. If you were a pest control business then you’d offer removal of termites, removal of wildlife, and probably removal of wasps, bees, roaches, bedbugs, and ants.

Second, look at the laws for your particular city you will do business in and see what requirements you might have to acquire before you start your business. Many cities require licenses or certifications to do specific services. Plumbing requires licensing, so the city can make sure that you’re certified and do professional work. Pesticide regulation is also required in cities before you open an LLC. You’ll also need to apply for employer identification numbers so the IRS can see it on their tax forms you’ll be sending them every year. Plumbers usually go through an apprenticeship program to continue their journey as a plumber. Amateur plumbers will probably cause some damage. Same goes for exterminators in pest control because they are handling toxic chemicals that can cause health problems to pets or small children around the house. It’s important to know exactly what you’re doing.

Third, for expensive work, you’ll need expensive insurance in case something goes wrong. What if a plumber causes heavy damage while attempting to repair someone’s drainage system? Business insurance will be needed. The same goes with toxic chemicals used by pest control companies. You’ll need this insurance to cover your property in case of damage which does happen, but rarely. All cities have requirements for each particular industry. I highly recommend researching your state and city laws before embarking on your business endeavor. Whether you’re in Seattle, Washington, Manhattan, New York, or Austin, Texas, starting any type of company like pest service or plumbing will require some things.

Now, you’ll be ready to start your business, so a website will be needed. Thankfully, there are great platforms for building sites and most hosting companies offer website builders. I always recommend using Square Space or WordPress for their easy to use platform. If you’d rather not, I recommend hiring a freelancer of some sort or a web developer. There are great tutorials on Youtube on learning WordPress and they make it easy to follow. These videos are for the person that likes to do it themselves and are perfectionists. It isn’t difficult to have a website launched for your business.

Stay tuned for more posts about other jobs or careers such as lawyers, doctors, military servicemen and women, and more. We’ll also include other types of information for starting any type of business and links to those resources.

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Some Things We Could Learn From Zuckerberg’s Past Resolutions

Zuckerberg calls 2016 a “tumultuous” year, the famous Facebook founder recently went public in making it his one of his 2017 resolution to visit and meet people in almost every state in the U.S. before the year ends. It is his hope to learn how people in the country are “living, working and thinking about the future.”

Since its launch, Facebook has been a social vehicle that has connected the world and has given many people a voice. Nevertheless, in some cases it has also created division amongst others. Zuckerberg’s interest is to hear different opinions and voices, and to figure out how he can empower people and help create a better future for them.

Make use of Technology to simplify your life

Previously, Zuckerberg’s 2016 resolution theme was named “invention,” this is why he went on to challenge himself in creating an AI system to help run his home. Towards the end of the year, he had successfully built a “Jarvis” — inspired by the movie Iron Man — that can control appliances in his home, play music, recognize faces and even entertain his two-year-old daughter while he is away. By putting to use today’s technology- and challenging yourself to reach greater heights, you too can find different ways to make your life easier- through technology and make your daily routines more efficient.

Educate yourself.

You don’t actually have to travel to wherever to become cultured. Rather, you could use the resources around you to make yourself equally educated. In his case, Zuckerberg, in 2015 challenged himself to read a new book every week in order to learn more about different cultures, beliefs, histories and of course technologies. He says, and I quote “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today,” Which is found in one of his Facebook posts.

Practice humility.

In such a world where we can email or chat a quick “thanks!” to someone, Zuckerberg challenged himself to be handwriting or emailing an in depth thought-out thank-you note to at least someone every day throughout the year 2014. “It’s important to me because I’m a very critical person,” Zuckerberg says in Bloomberg. Making a simple expression of gratitude from a good deed shown towards you like this a daily habit could help you a great deal in developing humility and authenticity.

Meet one person a day outside of work.

Never allow the walls of your home or office confine and shape those you interact with. Take some time, outside of your 9-to-5 hours routine to connect with your local community and meet new people. Technology can make this easier. For his 2013 New Year’s resolution, Zuckerberg made a commitment to meeting at least one person a day outside of Facebook. A few months later, Zuckerberg says in Fortune, “It’s going well — I’ve done a bunch of things in the community and just tried to get broader exposure.”

Why don’t you try this yourself? It could help you expand your network.

Make a sacrifice.

In 2011, Zuckerberg’s challenge was to become a vegetarian and only eat meat that he slaughters by himself. “In order to practice thankfulness, I want to be more connected to the food I eat and the animals that give their lives so I can eat them,” his Facebook post. You could also practice thankfulness by giving up something that you take for granted every day to realize its importance in your life.

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